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Here, you can access training certifications and content, educational materials and technical guides. We cover a wide range of topics, including: Additive Manufacturing essentials, Polymers, SLS, Photopolymerization, Design for Additive Manufacturing, printer selection assistance, operational tutorials and more. We also offer custom built training options to meet your specific Additive Manufacturing educational needs. 

Meet the team

Global 3D Printing Engineering Specialist

Haleyanne Freedman

Haleyanne Freedman is the Global Engineering Specialist and Market Manager for 3D Printing at M. Holland, and is the lead instructor for the Additive Manufacturing courses. She got her start in industrial manufacturing working for a machine tool importer in Pewaukee managing its 3D printing department. Haleyanne has since developed in-depth knowledge and expertise in 3D printing through her professional work as well as her time working and experimenting with her home printing lab which houses 8 of her own 3D Printers. She is well-versed in multiple CAD programs and received a certification in Additive Manufacturing Polymers and Metals from MIT and holds a Solidworks certification. Haleyanne leads M. Holland’s Additive Manufacturing group, staying up to date on all new technologies and material advancements, and advises clients on equipment and product selection, process optimization and adoption, and material and application validation. She is also active in the Northeast Ohio Manufacturing Cluster, the Society of Women Engineers and serves as Vice-Chair for Women in Manufacturing and Co-Chair for the Great Lakes Chapter of Women in 3D Printing. Haleyanne has a strong presence in the 3D printing community, delivering presentations and training sessions at industry events. Haleyanne presented at the RAPID + TCT conference in Detroit, Michigan. In her interview with 3DPrint.com, Haleyanne discussed her background and offered insight on how additive manufacturing can be implemented in traditional manufacturing and was also featured as "Woman of the Week" by Xena Workwear.

Application Development Engineer

Sophie Dower

Sophie Dower is the Applications Development Engineer for 3D Printing at M. Holland and is the lead for developing applications for additive manufacturing. Her background consists of a B.S. in Mechanical Engineering Technology at the Rochester Institute of Technology. Previously, Sophie worked as a CAD designer for machines at Hammer Packing and a digital manufacturing engineer for Fast Radius. As an engineer with a background in design for additive manufacturing, she became well experienced with technologies such as DLS, MJF, SLS, and SLA. Sophie has a wide variety of design program expertise including Solidworks, Cura, Blender, and Simplify3D. Recently she has become a member of Women in Manufacturing.

Laboratory Technician

Cassidy Hunt

Cassidy the laboratory technician for 3D printing at M. Holland. Working for M. Holland is Cassidy's first technology experience and she is excited about developing a new skill set. She is an ambitious, outgoing, and a diligent individual. She grew up in Lake Oswego, Oregon and loves the outdoors. Formerly, she was traveling as a Flight Attendant. Her hobbies include: cooking, biking, crafting, and listening to music.

Materials Development Engineer

Trevor White

Trevor White is a Materials Development Engineer for 3D Printing at M. Holland. Currently he is a senior at Iowa State University pursuing a degree in materials engineering with a specialization in polymers. At Iowa State, Trevor has been a part of a research group sponsored by NASA selecting materials for a high efficiency heat exchanger. His senior design project was based on e-jet printing, a type of material deposition at the micron and sub-micron scale. With this, he assisted in the development of new material synthesis and fabrication of metallic nanoink for e-jet printing. Trevor started at M. Holland in the spring of 2020 as a Laboratory Technician. Since then he has continued working while attending University working remotely as a Junior Materials Engineer. He leads material investigation and is in charge of the group's online tools, such as Shopify and multiple databases. His specialty within the group is working with the DLP machines. Trevor is also a member of Materials Advantage, a student organization for Material Science and Engineering students. In his free time he enjoys working with his own 3D printer at home.


  • How do I get help selecting a 3D Printer?

    Selecting the right piece of 3D Printing equipment is one of the biggest challenges in 3D Printing adoption. The industry is filled with an overabundance of information, a lot of which can be very misleading. There are many brands and methods to choose from, and they are not created equally. Our 3D Printing team has experience on over 70 different printers, and can help you make the best equipment purchasing decision by providing you with information and application analysis for free, upon request. Email 3Dinfo@mholland.com or message us through the support platform for more information.

  • What if I'm not ready to invest in my own printer yet?

    You can utilize the M. Holland Laboratory part production services if you have applications you'd like to see print. Check out the online quoting tool on the M. Holland website or email 3DParts@mholland.com If you're looking for assistance analyzing the ROI on 3D Printing, email 3Dinfo@mholland.com

  • Are custom trainings available?

    Yes! We build custom trainings for our customers all the time. Email 3Dinfo@mholland.com to start building a custom training.