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Here, you can access training certifications and content, educational materials and technical guides. We cover a wide range of topics, including: Additive Manufacturing essentials, Polymers, SLS, Photopolymerization, Design for Additive Manufacturing, printer selection assistance, operational tutorials and more. We also offer custom built training options to meet your specific Additive Manufacturing educational needs. 

Meet the team

Global 3D Printing Engineering Specialist

Haleyanne Freedman

Haleyanne Freedman is the Global Engineering Specialist and Market Manager for 3D Printing at M. Holland, and is the lead instructor for the Additive Manufacturing courses. She got her start in industrial manufacturing working for a machine tool importer in Pewaukee managing its 3D printing department. Haleyanne has since developed in-depth knowledge and expertise in 3D printing through her professional work as well as her time working and experimenting with her home printing lab which houses 8 of her own 3D Printers. She is well-versed in multiple CAD programs and received a certification in Additive Manufacturing Polymers and Metals from MIT and holds a Solidworks certification. Haleyanne leads M. Holland’s Additive Manufacturing group, staying up to date on all new technologies and material advancements, and advises clients on equipment and product selection, process optimization and adoption, and material and application validation. She is also active in the Northeast Ohio Manufacturing Cluster, the Society of Women Engineers and serves as Vice-Chair for Women in Manufacturing and Co-Chair for the Great Lakes Chapter of Women in 3D Printing. Haleyanne has a strong presence in the 3D printing community, delivering presentations and training sessions at industry events. Haleyanne presented at the RAPID + TCT conference in Detroit, Michigan. In her interview with 3DPrint.com, Haleyanne discussed her background and offered insight on how additive manufacturing can be implemented in traditional manufacturing and was also featured as "Woman of the Week" by Xena Workwear.

Application Development Engineer

Ross Deason

Ross is an Application Development Engineer supporting M. Holland’s Additive Manufacturing team. As part of the Business Development group, he provides technical support related to 3D printing materials and design for additive manufacturing. He also focuses on advancing the adoption of additive manufacturing with OEMs and strategic clients both domestically and internationally. As a member of M. Holland’s Additive Manufacturing Council, he guides laboratory operations and assists in technical consulting efforts. Prior to accepting a position with M. Holland, Ross worked as a design engineer for IMI Critical Engineering in the fossil fuel power generation group. He supported R&D efforts related to flow control element design and production using direct metal laser sintering (DMLS) additive manufacturing processes. His responsibilities included analyzing the design of control valves for pressure, temperature and flow control in power plants. Ross was later promoted to senior design engineer, serving as technical lead in providing global sales support, engineering and product development of emergency core cooling system strainer technology for the nuclear power generation industry. He worked for IMI Critical Engineering for nearly five years before joining M. Holland in May 2019. Ross holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Mechanical Engineering from the University of California, Irvine, is Solidworks certified and holds 2 certifications in Additive Manufacturing in both Polymeric and Metallic processes.

Additive Manufacturing Development Engineer

Kevin Sanchez

As an additive manufacturing engineer with M. Holland, Kevin Sanchez supports projects and initiatives within the 3D Printing group. He primarily provides design assistance and technical support for clients with 3D printers in the U.S. and Latin America. His projects involve running prints in the Additive Manufacturing Laboratory, testing materials, and supporting content creation and experimentation. Kevin is currently pursuing a master’s degree in mechanical engineering from the University of Illinois at Chicago (UIC). He began this program as a research assistant for the university’s Additive Manufacturing Lab. As part of this work, he was awarded the Chancellor’s Undergraduate Research Award (CURA) and subsequently built two 3D printer prototypes from concept to final production. He went on to serve as a computer laboratory assistant for UIC, where he helped undergraduate students learn how to use laboratory equipment along with SolidWorks and Ansys software skills. Prior to UIC, Kevin was a mechanical designer for MISUMI USA, where he verified all dimensions, details, descriptions and blueprints of components to support the development of a materials catalog. Kevin expects to earn his master’s degree in May 2020. He also holds a bachelor’s degree in mechanical engineering from UIC. Kevin also supports the Latin America team for additive manufacturing. Kevin se graduó como Licenciado en Ingeniería Mecánica en la Universidad de Illinois, Chicago. Se desempeñó como pasante en la empresa Wynright Corporation, en el departamento de aplicaciones y soluciones, en donde estuvo a cargo del diseño de sistemas de transportadores, todavía como estudiante empezó a trabajar en un laboratorio de fabricación con aditivos en donde recibió el premio CURA, (Chancellor´s Udergraduate Research Award) Premio de Investigación para estudiantes no graduados. En conjunto con un estudiante de doctorado, trabajo en un proyecto de investigación de SLA que consistió en mejorar las propiedades mecánicas. Después de graduarse, fue contratado en Misumi USA, donde trabajó para desarrollar nuevas aplicaciones para la empresa. Siguiendo con sus estudios hizo la maestría en ingeniería mecánica en la universidad de UIC y trabajó como asistente de investigación en el laboratorio de fabricación con aditivos. Como(RA) residente asistente, desarrollo dos prototipos de impresoras 3D, diseño los modelos conceptuales y los perfecciono hasta construir la versión final. También trabajó en ITW Buildex CCNA como pasante de ingeniería en fabricación y adquirió algunos conocimientos en Lean Manufacturing y metodología 80/20. Tiene un amplio conocimiento en múltiples programas de CAD y su especialidad es optimización en parámetros de material y diseño de fabricación con aditivos.


  • How do I get help selecting a 3D Printer?

    Selecting the right piece of 3D Printing equipment is one of the biggest challenges in 3D Printing adoption. The industry is filled with an overabundance of information, a lot of which can be very misleading. There are many brands and methods to choose from, and they are not created equally. Our 3D Printing team has experience on over 70 different printers, and can help you make the best equipment purchasing decision by providing you with information and application analysis for free, upon request. Email 3Dinfo@mholland.com or message us through the support platform for more information.

  • What if I'm not ready to invest in my own printer yet?

    You can utilize the M. Holland Laboratory part production services if you have applications you'd like to see print. Check out the online quoting tool on the M. Holland website or email 3DParts@mholland.com If you're looking for assistance analyzing the ROI on 3D Printing, email 3Dinfo@mholland.com

  • Are custom trainings available?

    Yes! We build custom trainings for our customers all the time. Email 3Dinfo@mholland.com to start building a custom training.